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Friday Island - the unique venue for team building events, corporate activity days and team building company fun games

Corporate Team Building

Friday Island is a unique and exclusive location for team building events, corporate activity days and team training set in the heart of the Cotswolds in the UK.

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Team Building Venue

The venue is designed, constructed and maintained specifically for corporate events, company parties, team building exercises and fun team days. Find out about our range of corporate and team building events...

Friday Island is the dream of a corporate event venue come true, centred around our very own Caribbean Island! The venue incorporates 120 acres of spring-fed lake with 15 islands, sandy beaches, tropical palm trees, lapping water, woodlands and many purpose built facilities. See more of the venue...

Team Building Events

We design and run many different team building events from 20 to 5000 guests with activities according to the theme of the day, including:

  • team building and team training events
  • company parties and fun days
  • corporate events * team exercises
  • corporate hospitality events
  • corporate entertainment and activity events
  • large company fun days, a large variety of fun team days, with lots in between...

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Company Fun Days & Team Building Games

One thing's for sure - we know how to get people enjoying themselves! Friday Island runs on people power.

From the event design team to our staff and instructors, no detail is left out. Friday Island people are polite, friendly, fun and safety conscious. An ideal venue for team building games and company fun days. Our people together with your people create a wonderful atmosphere that can only be described as "That Friday Island Feeling".

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Friday Island Weddings

Looking for somewhere unique, magical and exotic for your wedding?  How about Friday Island? It's the perfect romantic setting for a truly spectacular day. Whatever size wedding party you have,  we give you exclusive use of the island for the entire day.
Package includes - Boat arrival, marquee on Friday Island and James's Point, garden games, candle lit beach in evening, fully staffed thatched parvillion bar, drinks at pub prices, bbq, wedding coordinator on duty throughout.

For more information contact Teresa on 01285 770 009 or see our website

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Extract from Rapport – The magazine for Personal Development – Feb Issue

Team Building way days are designed to make office workers bond and work more effectively. Joanna Goodman investigates

The current revival in team-building away days is hardly surprising. Email, voice mail, mobile messaging and teleconferencing have reduced the need for face-to-face meetings. Technology and geography create virtual teams that may never physically meet. As a result, organisations have to work harder to maintain good working relationships and team spirit among their employees. It follows, therefore, that a recent study has found that almost 80 per cent of UK organisations regularly spend money on team-building away days and weekends.

The amount of performance improvement that is possible from turned on teams is not small – it is enormous, the study revealed. Firms realise the importance of having committed teams pulling together and team building has become big business. The alcohol-fuelled jollies of a decade ago have been replaced by a plethora of programmes promising to facilitate team bonding as well as providing employers with a valuable insight into the way their workers’ minds work and how they approach challenges.

There is an enormous selection of activities on offer, all designed to create the right environment for team bonding. They include adventurous outdoor pursuits, treasure hunts and spy games. Given the wide range of options and the fact that managers are often time poor, many companies are turning to tailor-made away days focused on their particular requirements.

Getting people away from the office has great benefits. It breaks the link with everyday concerns and the office hierarchy, so that staff at different levels and in separate departments can get to know each other and engage in healthy competition. But what do team-building activities really achieve?

According to Peter Burton, sales and marketing manager of Friday Island, a purpose-built centre that arranges team-building days and corporate events, there are three main reasons for arranging a company away day.

• As the basis for team building, leadership development and management training.

• To bring together people from different branches of the same organisation to get to know each other.

• To build team spirit and motivation, deal with leadership issues, integrate new staff into existing teams and create ‘a renaissance mood’.

In each case the overall aim is to help team members understand and support each other and realise that in an effective team, ‘Our differences are our strength,’ as Burton puts it.

Friday Island’s ‘Dash and Splash’ days are popular team-building events incorporating land and water-based activities designed for teams of six to 10 people. There is an obstacle course, a treasure hunt, a shooting range, a climbing tower with a zip wire and an aqua-relay in which teams are allocated different craft for a relay race across the lake. Dragon boat racing, with 20 people in each boat is a novel and colourful option. Some activities are skill or fitness based, while others encourage team members to plan together and trust each other. Companies can mix and match depending on the size and profile of the group. Afterwards there is a prize-giving, with a good-natured dunking for the losers and a hot tub for the winners and drinks and dinner are served around a camp fire to encourage togetherness!Burton claims a high success rate in boosting team spirit. ‘The biggest successes are often among the groups that you wouldn’t expect to enjoy it,’ he says. ‘People working in government offices, for example, are often quite shy and nervous when they arrive, but by the end of the day they are laughing together like school kids and they take that feeling back with them.’

How do people respond to competing with their colleagues? ‘Some companies just want everybody to bond together, but it’s human nature to want to compete,’ explains Burton. ‘Once you put people into teams, they get fired up and want to win, which is good for motivation and morale.’

The people who really matter though, are the employees. Peter Oliver is a sales manager in a multinational company that recently sent its UK employees to Friday Island. ‘There were about 40 of us in eight cross-functional teams,’ he explains. ‘We spent a whole day getting to know people from other departments and this definitely improved working relationships. The away day was particularly useful as employees are based in different locations and many of them had never actually met, even though they worked with the same clients.’ Oliver feels that although younger and fitter employees tended to be at an advantage, particularly as people got wet, cold and tired, the activities did reflect the fitness levels of the whole group. ‘The finale was a dragon boat race, and absolutely everyone enjoyed that,’ he says. ‘They also loved the hot tub afterwards!’ According to Oliver, a lot of the bonding took place around the camp fire, as people relaxed and discussed the day’s events. It also gave them a shared experience to take back to the office. Oliver feels the day was a great success.

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